Thursday, January 26, 2012

Upcoming Fan-Fictions

1) A new supernatural fan fiction of the adult type. To be posted on under my username blaze2011360

2) A new PR one shot two be posted both in the blog and on Depending on how well its received depends on if it take it farther than chapter.

On a side note to every one. Im looking for a new forum home to join that I can get into RPing on. I would prefer a place that is active but not so active that its impossible to get involved in a RP. I would prefer RP's for stuff like Charmed, Supernatural, Power Rangers (yeah i just said it), and also some original RP's. If you all have any idea's about this feel free to send me links to the sites on facebook.
    took a while to get around to setting this up but yeah I finally did it. So there are a few things that I will be doing with this blog.

1. Talking about things in my life.
2. Posting information about upcoming stories that will be going on to my account
3. As well as posting some stories from multiple fandoms. From Supernatural to probably even some PR stories. Most of the stories posted here will be One Shots (one chapter stories only) the ones that are chaptered stories will be on but i'll link them here.

Also keep an eye on my twitter account for quick updates on whats going on with stories and life when im away from the computer. They are in the bottom left hand corner of the page. Though you may have to highlight it inorder to read it.